Jumat, 31 Juli 2009

Sniff Chomper Out

Ducky :
You can sniff him, Spike, I know
Your sniffer knows the way to go
Do it like you did before
And we will find him for sure
Go sniff him out
I do not have a doubt
You can sniff Chomper out
Your sniffer is very smart
so let us start

Ruby : Here's where Chomper stood today
Ducky : Okay, Spike, now sniff away
Ruby : Look at that, he's got the scent
Ducky & Ruby : Show us where he went
Ducky & Ruby simutaniusly
Go sniff him out/You can sniff him out
Do not have a doubt/There can be no doubt
You can sniff Chomper out/Sniff and sniff him out

Ducky : You can show us how

Ducky & Ruby : to find Chomper now,Go sniff him out!
kakcipa SUKA BANGET land before time..
dan...1 kenyataan lagi...KAKCIPA HAFAL BANGED!

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